on May 13

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To reposition a commercial “portable alarm company” as an industry and world leader in protection technology solutions. Also, to incorporate a product line extension into the brand – a home consumer unit called the tattletale.


  1. Brand Power Statement: Tattletale is the first and finest patented-portable, digital-cellular asset protection system employing its proprietary Halo Advanced and Plug ’n Protect technologies, producing the world’s leading, high performance wireless alarm products and securities architecture, featuring its unparalleled motion2mobility I MAP, Instant Mobile Asset Protection for optimal theft defense, on site or in home. To date, the Tattletale brand remains undefeated.
  2. Brand Purpose: The purpose of Tattletale is to relentlessly imagine and innovatively inspire best of breed portable protection systems producing safety, sanctity, and security for your most valued assets.  Commercial & Consumer/Home unit repositioned to provide your home or workplace with an “Advanced Halo of Protection” Commercial unit repositioned as “Military Grade”.


  1. 23 of the top 24 commercial construction companies chose to protect their business with Tattletale.
  2. Tattletale is currently protecting nuclear power plants, Black Hawk helicopters, and the United States Constitution.



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