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on May 13

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Quite prolifically, since 1988, Shadowbox Live has created self-produced rock operas, music and dance experiences, as well as sketch comedy and dramatic entertainment. Though the art collective and talented troupe were energized, the brand itself required a refresh in positioning and visuals. Specifically, a brand re-launch was needed as part of its “homecoming;” relocating from Easton to its original artful roots in downtown Columbus. During this process, an increase in guest engagements was vital to the brand as well.


  1. Rename Shadowbox to Shadowbox Live, exploiting their unique quality of live, visceral entertainment.
  2. Immediately position the brand as the Midwest’s oldest, continually performing, self-sustaining non-profit arts organization, authoring, producing, and presenting original, live entertainment through their six breeds, or “marks of art”: sketch comedy, music, dance, new media, drama, and musicals.
  3. Lastly, separate their specific and unique theatrical talent, as “MetaPerformers;” performers whose abilities encompass and include numerous artistic forms in order to produce, present and perform today’s most visceral, LIVE entertainment.


  1. In its first homecoming year, Shadowbox Live produced its highest grossing season in the organization’s history; growing 42% over its previous year.
  2. For the first time since its inception, shows were successfully packaged and sold as Performance Naming Rights (PNR). PNC quickly committed to two consecutive years of “Holiday Hoopla” and the “Performing Arts Rock Your Potential Summer Boot Camp.”
  3. Shadowbox Live created 6 figures in partnership value, with media and third party corporate organizations such as Clear Channel, The Other Paper, PNC, Channel 4, and others.
  4. Shadowbox Live is crowned as “the largest resident theater company in America.”
  5. “Shadowbox Live has earned a place in Columbus akin to that of Second City in Chicago or Saturday Night Live in New York.” ~ Michael Grossberg, Columbus Dispatch
  6. From it’s inception to current day, brand Performance PR valuation (press releases, reviews, editorial, etc.) has totaled $1.8M.
  7. To date, Shadowbox Live has self-produced over 8,000 performances to over 1 million patrons, while being bestowed with over 75 various theatrical accolades and awards.



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