Fashion Meets Music Festival

on May 13

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Circone + Associates were presented with an idea in mid 2013 that needed to be developed into a branded concept. This was undertaken and a full brand strategy together with visual identity, power position and digital/marketing strategy was handed over to the leadership team in December 2013 for execution.


Columbus, Ohio is home to several of the world’s most recognized national and international fashion brands. The Fashion Meets Music Festival, if positioned and executed strategically and properly, can stake central Ohio’s claim as a fashion brand launching platform and proving ground.


Brand Power Statement: Introducing The Fashion Meets Music Festival, aspiring the world’s stage, but born in the Midwest, we bring together music and fashion from places of passion, purpose, and personality. Experience the nation’s largest and most provocative music and fashion festival. The First music festival inspired by those in the fashion world who were first inspired by music. 500 Performance, 250 Musicians & Designers. Three days, two loves, one place. Unboxed in Columbus, Ohio.




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