Ohio State Chiropractic Assoc.

on May 13

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Transform the commoditized, distrusted brand category of chiropractic into the leading profession of wellness for natural healthcare. As a healthcare choice, chiropractic garnered a poor public perception with negative brand equity. Ignite consumer new brand value; convert “non-believers” to “believers” for State of Ohio practice growth.


  1. Produced the State of Ohio’s first consolidated “Join the WellCare Revolution” marketing platform.
  2. “I Do” TV campaign with NFL legend Chris Spielman and Olympic Gold Medalist Butch Reynolds debuted as the largest, most comprehensive campaign to date, reaching 98% of Ohio viewers on ESPN, FOX and TLC.
  3. Captured the first ever multi-year, six figure sponsorship with Mattress Mart as the association’s “Official Sleepwear Company.”
  4. New York Chiropractic Association became the first state licensee of The WellCare Revolution platform. “I Do” TV spots debuted in New York featuring Giants linebacker and NFL Football Hall of Famer Harry Carson.
  5. Dynamic Chiropractic, the industry’s leading global publication, featured the State of Ohio’s WellCare campaign as its cover story, twice, describing the successful statewide re-positioning effort.
  6. OSCA achieved an 86% approval rating, the highest in its history.


Stop selling what they won’t buy – chiropractic. Establish trust before the consumer can establish judgment. Create a new construct that draws the buyer in emotionally, before they make a buying decision rationally. Suspend the mind to capture the heart. Replace negative brand preconceptions through the introduction of the newly differentiated brand WellCare, a proprietary wellness system of complementary ChiroTherapies.


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