on May 21

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Storyhouse is an ambitious digital project by Brad Circone and Barry Chandler designed to break down the walls and challenges of building a brand and giving it life through digital means. Brad and Barry have been building brands and digital businesses for a combined 30 years and their experience has taught them that there is indeed a repeatable, measurable formula to brand building and digital success. They execute these strategies daily with national, regional and local clients at their agency Circone & Associates using their proprietary processes Brand Anatomy and Digital Anthropology.

Storyhouse is where all of those strategies, ideas, tactics and beliefs are laid out, stripped bare and delivered through a weekly podcast and regular articles and videos. It is their belief that every business owner, CEO and CMO has an opportunity to tell the differentiated story of their brand with resonance and activate its essence by understanding their own intent and their customers purpose. So whether you are a new business owner, a seasoned marketing veteran or a lover of great brands, Storyhouse is for you.

Each week, Brad & Barry will dissect brand strategy, suggest digital tactics and help you identify growth catalysts in your business in their show. Guest interviews will also shed light on the real world application of successful brand and digital activation through the sharing of success stories from different companies and industries from across the US.

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