Bel Lago Waterfront Dining

on Apr 30

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While hundreds of restaurants offer white tablecloth fine dining – we had to find a way to differentiate the brand and its offerings in the luxury category, creating separation while still including the community which embraced it. This brand image came from a profound strategy. We couldn’t push the commodity limits of luxury, so we invented the category Casual Luxury – and made upscale luxury approachable and inviting by adding the casual element and repositioning the brand and its attributes.


This strategy was executed throughout all brand messaging by carefully combining attributes of luxury with attributes of casual comfort. Even $200 bottles of wine were approachable through Napa Enomatic Wine System tasting events.

quotation-mark-grayWith graciousness, gratefulness, and humility… there is this place offering an array of simple and skillfully prepared fresh food selections which are uniquely artful. This place is beyond just fine food, wine, and plating; rather it is interested in what went into making all these delectables in the first place – from soil to salt, from water to soul. Behind every great plate, every dish, every selection; there is an unquenchable passion, an essence of preparing the authentic; as comfortably elegant as blue oceans; as simple as a peasant’s table; as honest as time.

~ Bel Lago


  1. Created and launched new brand positional events called Wine on the Water & Chef’s Wine Dinners to to cater to Columbus’ most affluent suburb while highlighting the midwest’s most exclusive wine serving system.
  2. Entire broadcast, print, and social media campaigns were produced called, Uncorked.
  3. Social Media campaigns grew Facebook fan base from launch to nearly 2,100 currently.




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