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on Apr 14

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  1. Rule 3 needed to command consumer brand attention by differentiating its offerings, while quickly attracting partnered sponsorships in a weak economy, where families were spending less on entertainment and many organizations were making deep financial cuts on “giving” to any organization, in any manner.
  2. Define, inspire, and rejuvenate the on-premise, family centric, multi-entertainment category and combat the general stereotype of bowling alleys as dark, smoky, less than family-friendly locations.
  3. Follow and promulgate the Familial Rule of Memes – a cultural unit, an idea or value, or pattern of behavior passed from one person to another by non-genetic means.


  1. Differentiate boldly by turning the Family Entertainment industry upside down.
  2. Leverage the power of partnership.
  3. Capitalize on the need to stretch marketing dollars by connecting brands directly and innovatively, to their consumers.
  4. Produce a Rule 3 environment with specific activities (Happiness Zones) which create and promote memes for generational family members – passed along culturally, one to the other.
  5. Escapism of Everyday Disney – create the simple, local, low cost alternative to Disney World, everyday escapism. Travelling without leaving town, adventure in your own backyard.


  1. Advertainment Partnerships successfully created through compelling brand assimilation programs.
  2. Pepsi, McCain and Mike’s Hard Lemonade sponsorships yielded a total value of well over $500,000 before the first construction brick was laid.
  3. Named “Best New Bowling Center” in the world – selected from more than 60 finalists worldwide including entries from Russia, Australia and Italy. Global recognition from Bowler’s Journal International, the world’s longest continuously running monthly sports publication.


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