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Brand Planning

Once the brand has been evaluated, positioned and differentiated; it can now proceed to planning. Brand Planning includes the strategic and necessary next steps in order to create Return On Marketing (ROM) value. Brand Planning will entail a 12-48 month scope of brand activities, presented as a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) with accompanying marketing, objectives, pre-strategy, strategy and specific tactics in order to develop, deliver and implement brand resulting in a successful and sustaining contagion brand launch.

To plan a proper activation we must know why people buy through a closer evaluation of your target’s Purchase Intent Drivers, which ultimately determines the effectiveness of your positional differentiation. The key to a successful brand strategy is determined by each potential participant’s complete understanding and committed engagement toward your market position.

At Circone & Associates we believe that the most effective brands bring together their brand architecture in a way that exploits the consumer’s purchase intent drivers at every emotional touch point, striving for what we call the Premiumisation of Preference. Brand Planning married to both a Purchase Intent Driver Matrix and Marketing Action Plan simply engages and elevates the brand proposition by capturing the hearts and minds of the intended audience.

Our goal: Plan brand activation for the ultimate differentiation called preference – or stated emotionally, love.

Brand Planning can include some or all of the following:

  1. Web
  2. Social Media
  3. Lifestyle Community Convergence
  4. Brand Distribution/Disbursement
  5. Collateral
  6. Capabilities Brochure
  7. Corporate ID
  8. Interactive New Media
  9. Mobile
  10. Print
  11. Seminars/Lectures
  12. Newsletters
  13. Direct Selling via Positional Differentiation
  14. Co-op Marketing
  15. Bundling/Piggy Back
  16. Advertising Campaigns
  17. Public Relations Campaigns
  18. Partnership Development

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