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Campaign Implementation

We ensure thorough implementation of all campaigns as directed from the Brand Anatomy Process, specifically from the Marketing Action Plan, during the Brand Planning phase. Campaign implementation must be a concise articulation, via visuals, copy and specific mediums, of an overarching brand strategy and its specific tactics. Successful implementation is the result of impeccable planning and fierce execution.

In order to help power and energize any brand campaign effort, C+A exclusively employs three unique leverages (Media Shaping, Brand Partnerships, Advertainment) to excite activation and sustain message recognition.


Media Shaping

Implementation all comes down to a creatively customized brand strategy where metrics and mediums have melded together in creating either mayhem or the perfect media mix. We don’t just place media marketing campaigns, we design outcomes. With 25 plus years in planning, evaluating and auditing TV, radio, out-of-home, web, social media and new digital channels, our media designs unite creative placements within relevant media producing calculated leverages for measured performance. The pay off: a remarkable buy, for remarkable results – your campaign. We’ve placed broadcast media nationwide from ESPN to NBC, from Columbus, Ohio to Times Square in New York City. is wells fargo site down . Our collective Media Shaping experience creates instant learning-curve efficiencies for more effective buys.


Brand Partnerships

Welcome to a new sponsorship model through a preferred partnership called Advertainment, or the art of advertising within entertainment equities and episodes. Only C+A practices this unique partnership technique, national, regional and local brands alike. When courting partnerships in this way we construct remarkable brand affinities between the prospective brand partners and their unique branded attributes, as well as emotionally connecting the brands themselves within the the lifestyle of their targeted end consumers. The cross pollinating synergy creates “a must have” partnership, as a true win-win for both parties.



We blur the lines, making entertainment advertising, and advertising entertainment. Advertainment is the binding agent between two brands. Because of their deep customization, these partnerships are not only equitable and profitable, but efficient, as they quickly qualify or disqualify both partners by evaluating brand compatibility for a potential and sustainable relationship.


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